A free tool that removes the excessive tags and clutter from Microsoft Word generated HTML documents, leaving basic formatting intact. File sizes are greatly reduced, and the returned HTML is easier to read, revise and employ.

Clean a file

How to use
Save a Word document as a "Web Page" to your hard drive (this will not work with ordinary Word files).

Select the HTML file:
Then click:


Convert symbols to entity values (Recommended)
Remove Font tags
Remove Hyperlinks


Why use Word HTML Cleaner

It is well-known that Microsoft Word is a lot less than perfect when it comes to generating HTML for the web. The "Save as Web Page" function in Microsoft Word generates files that are about ten times as large as they should be. This is because the generated HTML is filled with a lot of Microsoft Word specific formatting tags in order to allow the reversal of the HTML page back to a Word document should this be required. In a web context, where you solely want to publish the page to a web site, this "code bloat" is useless and potentially harmful to presentation in any other browser than Internet Explorer. Another problem is that the formatting specified in Word remains applied and overrides that of the host web site's stylesheet. Meaning that the page is likely to look out of place as the formatting does not match that of the other pages in the web site.

The problem not only arises when using the "Save as Web Page" option. You get the same problem when copying and pasting text from Word to a WYSIWYG editor (i.e. FrontPage) or in many cases to a Content Management System.

The Solution